End-to-end testing course

7 weeks free mail course

Learn how to create end-to-end tests for your applications

The end-to-end tests can increase a reliability and quality of your software. You can learn how to use Selenium WebDriver. This tool is easy to use and it can help you in every day work.

Learn and master your testing skills with this 7 weeks mail course.

You can start whenever you want. You will learn all topics necessary to work with end-to-end tests freely. You will learn how to: configure tests, select elements, perform actions, build and use PageObjects pattern, test mobile pages and test SPA applications (like Angular, React)

Begin your testing adventure with the author of "The power of end to end testing" book.

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Adrian Sroka

Web developer working on front-end and back-end side. Associated with .NET environment for a long time. Lazy enough to automate the development process on each phase.

Life enthusiast. Passionate of quality, good food, trekking and Frisbee Ultimate.